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 Hana Kochou

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Hana Kochou

Hana Kochou

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PostSubject: Hana Kochou   Hana Kochou Icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2011 4:08 pm

Full Name: Hana Subeta Kochou

Age: 19 Years, 4 months, and 21 days. (Birthday, you ask? February 6th.)

Gender: Female, obviously.

Appearance: Amazingly pink hair which brightens when she's light and bubbly and mostly unfocused, while darkening and intensifying when she becomes more focused. Her eyes are the same way, but slightly less pink, leaning more toward red/pink than true pink. Her hair is around shoulder length, which she prefers- long hair gets in the way of her personality. She customarily has some sort of head cover on, but can often be found without, because it falls off all the time. Her clothes are tight-fitting, and her shoes are flat and comfortable. At 5' 8", she doesn't feel like she needs to be taller.


Personality: Regularly, she's floaty. She smiles and laughs a lot, and it's genuine, not disguising any past hurt or negative feelings. She's a legitimately a happy person, and proud of it. There are only two times she gets focused and serious. Number one is when she's faced with a challenge that pushes her to the limits of her abilities, and number two is a bucket of chocolate ice cream. Other than that, she's loyal, trusting, and quite naive when it comes to the dreaded world of love and relationships. She's innocent, and prone to being taken advantage of. Her intelligence isn't genius, but it isn't stupid, either. She's above average on the bell curve.

Likes: CHOCOLATE, butterflies, beautiful sunsets, beautiful swords, dark hair, the smell of fresh cut grass and soap bubbles, and sweet bread.

Dislikes: Making sandwiches, her hair color occasionally, a lot of questions strung together, blocky glasses, stripper heels, and the second Indiana Jones movie, The Temple of Doom.

Curious About: Porn, sex, all things risque and kinky.

Guilty pleasure: Stealing minor things. Like chocolate bars.

Strengths: Despite her appearance, she's an excellent sword fighter with the dual butterfly swords that she keeps on her person most of the time, which are named Vires and Phasma. The butterfly swords themselves are a foot long with a 6" handle, and she carries them in one scabbard slung across her back. The swords are etched with multiple runes that are in a combination of Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean styles. Each rune serves a different purpose, giving Hana increased strength, speed, agility, etc. for a short period of time. She's also naturally quick, due to her slender figure and strong legs. She also has a great fortitude of mind.

Weaknesses: Chocolate, first and foremost. Also, she's vulnerable to threats against friends/family/loved ones/etc. and would agree to anything for a promise to keep them safe, even if that promise was false. She's also not as strong as she is fast, so her natural strength suffers along with her endurance. Her constitution does not suffer, however.

Background: Hana was born into a wealthy family, and was expected to be the gentle lady her mother was. However, her father was a fiery swordsman, and Hana most took after him. Hana's father was proud, but the heads of the family Kochou did not appreciate her free spirit and strong will. So, one night, her father was killed, and her mother was kidnapped and taken to a harem of an influential family far away. Alone and betrayed, Hana escaped from her family's estate and found refuge among monks living high in the mountains several dozens of miles from her family's land. It was there she learned the art of fighting with dual butterfly swords, and there she forged, with the help of the monks, Vires and Phasma. Ultimately, however, monk life did not suit her. She said goodbye to the monks, thanked them for all their generosity, and left with their blessing. For the past year, she has roamed, growing stronger and living her life to the fullest. Now she's here, and the whirlwind of activity shall soon descend upon Chimera.

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PostSubject: Re: Hana Kochou   Hana Kochou Icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2011 4:29 pm

Superb as always, "koibito" Wink

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Hana Kochou
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